Saturday Night Ponderings – February 3, 2018

Saturday nights are for partying. Or, if you’re a busy parent of 2 young ones, it’s a night to sit your ass down on the couch, have a drink, and wait patiently for LivePD to start. It’s been one heck of a week at Casa de McHale. There’s been a lot to ponder! Here’s a quick rundown!

Special Announcement: Keep an eye out for a special Pre-Super Bowl edition of The Pondering Podcast tomorrow!

Lessons from the First Podcast Interview

Last week, I had the honor of interviewing talented singer/songwriter Stephen Kellogg on The Pondering Podcast. It was my first celebrity interview and I definitely came away from the experience having learned a ton…

  1. I’m definitely going to invest in a quality audio recorder. Google Voice, while probably OK for a quick podcast guest, just isn’t optimal for a conversation with a celebrity. I’m thinking of going with the Zoom H4N. Any thoughts on this particular recorder?
  2. As much research and note-taking as I did before the phone call, I came away knowing that I have to do more for future talks. I’m thinking of writing up a complete interview protocol that’ll include introductions, closings, as well as multiple routes to take the conversation depending on a guest’s responses. I feel as though I got star-struck a couple of times and ended up blanking on where I wanted to take the conversation next.
  3. I’m going to be cognizant of making sure the guest has 100% completed their thought before I jump in with a response. Pauses and awkward moments of silence can always be edited out later. However, talking over a guest, regardless of the situation, just doesn’t sound good on air.
  4. I’ll certainly be taking time to visualize how I think the conversation is going to go. I definitely thought about how I would prepare for the talk and how I’d upload the podcast. However, I didn’t spend as much time just thinking about how the talk would go and what I’d do if certain things came up during the talk.

In any event, I loved speaking with Mr. Kellogg. I hope he didn’t find The Pondering Podcast to be too much of a second-rate podcast! Thanks again for joining me on the program, Stephen!

I’m Still Processing Boyd’s Departure from the Dave Matthews Band

Last evening, Dave Matthews Band’s violinist, Boyd Tinsley, abruptly announced via Twitter that he’s taking a break from the band effective immediately.

The news sent shock-waves throughout the recently revitalized DMB fan base. With the band poised to return with a full-fledged tour and new album after last year’s hiatus, followers of the beloved band from Charlottesville, Virginia,  were left dismayed at the shocking turn of events. With tonight’s “The Night Before” concert from St. Paul still on, fans are anxious to hear the band’s songs without the signature skreeing sound of Boyd’s violin.

On a personal level, I’m saddened by Boyd’s departure from the band. While his inconsistent playing over the last few years (due in part by a crippling case of carpel tunnel syndrome) left something to be desired, the violin is a signature part of DMB’s sound. I can’t even imagine hearing the band perform “Two Step,” “Pig,” “Tripping Billies,” etc. without the instrument’s presence. In fact, it was Boyd’s solo during “Lie In Our Graves” at the July 9, 2000 gig from Foxboro Stadium that solidified my obsession with the Dave Matthews Band. I’m honestly not sure where the band goes from here. I can’t help but wonder if Dave Matthews himself knows where to go.

Only time will tell…

The Flu is Hitting Hard

It seems that every year now we hear of a new super-strain of influenza affecting the lives of thousands. These mega-viruses always appear to be impervious to the flu shot. They arrive with the sole intention of reeking havoc regardless of the precautions taken by citizens.

The McHale household was ravaged by a sinister bug. Left in its wake? 3 work days lost, 2 ears infected, and 1 little boy still on antibiotics.

I hope you all manage to avoid this devilish virus.

The Pondering Father’s Super Bowl 52 Prediction…

…will be discussed during tomorrow’s special edition of The Pondering Podcast.


Until then,


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