News and Notes ~ Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Good evening, everyone!

Thank you all once again for the continued support. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. I’m excited to pass along some amazing updates tonight!

New Logo

What do you all think? This logo will be the new cover photo on social media outlets as well as future podcast album covers.

Speaking of the podcast…

The Pondering Podcast is Available on iTunes and Stitcher

How cool is this? Last week’s podcast was approved for both iTunes and Stitcher. It’s available now. You’ll find the links below. Please be sure to subscribe, share, and post a review! Thanks so much.



Tentative Content Release Schedule

As many of you know, I begin my doctoral program tomorrow! The added responsibility will likely mean that I won’t be posting randomly anymore. I’ll have to keep to a set schedule in order to stay focused and avoid burnout. Here is my current plan for releasing new content to the site:

Monday AM – New Episode of The Pondering Podcast released to the site, iTunes, and Stitcher. 

Wednesday PM – New Original Blog Entry 

Friday PM – New Original Blog Entry

I’ve partnered up with MailChimp to make sure everyone gets on the mailing list. You’ll receive notifications of all new updates, AND I’ll be posting unreleased blog entries / conducting giveaways to all mailing list subscribers! If you don’t see the pop-up upon entering the site, just enter your email in the “Newsletter” box to your left. It’s that simple!

Thank You All!

Thanks again for supporting The Pondering Father! It’s a blast writing for everyone, and the feedback I’ve been receiving from friends, family, and local businesses has been truly humbling. I appreciate all you spreading the word, sharing the blog posts, and leaving nice reviews. You all rock!

All the best,

The Pondering Father

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