A Movie Pitch to Walt Disney Studios

Disney is currently riding a box-office high after the recent release of their sci-fi juggernaut, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. They also have A Wrinkle in Time, Avengers: Infinity WarWreck-It Ralph 2, and at least twenty or so Avatar sequels in the pipeline. Their domination of the U.S. Box Office is just beginning.

However, they currently have the makings of another Hollywood blockbuster right in front of them. They just don’t appear to see it yet. That’s why I’m here!

Their current animated smash, Elena of Avalor, in my opinion, has the potential to be a worldwide success on the big screen. A film adaptation, made in the same vein as Enchanted, could captivate audiences around the world.

Why Elena?

For starters, the Latino population is sorely underrepresented in today’s Hollywood scene. According to a recent article from CNN, Latinos continue to be the most under-cast demographic in film. This is despite the fact that 25% of U.S. theater audiences are Latinos themselves.  It would be great to see a film based on the magnificently strong Hispanic culture, and starring a predominantly Latino cast, on display.

In addition, the exposition of the show (the trapping of Elena, her release, and the eventual fight with Shuriki to save Avalor from oppressive rule) has the makings of a great introductory film. Who knows…Elena of Avalor could someday become the female-led, Latino version of Harry Potter.

Potential Cast

So who would star in this Elena of Avalor film adaptation? I’m glad you asked! Here’s my current casting wish list.

    Jennifer Lopez as Shuriki.


Aimee Carrero as Elena.


Jenna Ortega as Isabel.


Edward James Olmos as Elena’s Grandfather.

 Rita Moreno as Elena’s Grandmother.

Sabrina Carpenter as Elena’s best friend, Naomi.

Lin-Manuel Miranda as the project’s Musical Director


What Do You Think?

Well, that’s my quick pitch! If the folks over at Disney would like to hear more of my grand plot plan (and promotional concert tour idea), they should definitely send me an email at theponderingfather2017@gmail.com, or message me on Twitter (@ponderingfather) or Instagram (@ponderingfather).

What do you all think? Would you see an Elena of Avalor live-action feature film?

Until next time,

The Pondering Father


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