Top 5 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Any Dad

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. 

That’s the sound of the holiday countdown clock getting closer and closer to midnight. Great sales are becoming harder and harder to find as the diabolical nature of consumerism means stores are preying on last-minute shoppers. You really waited this long to shop? You have no choice but to buy a gift now? Enjoy paying full sticker price! 

While shopping for my wife and kids doesn’t tend to be overly challenging (they always tell me what they’d like), I know that I’m an enigma for my entire family when it comes to gift buying. It seems that most dads are the same. I’m not exactly sure why we’re so guarded when it comes to admitting what we’d love to find under the tree on Christmas morning. However, I believe there are a few items out there that would satisfy even the pickiest father this holiday season.  Here’s a rundown of my top 5 last-minute gift ideas for any dad!

Note: No, this is not my personal Christmas list, Shannon. 

Podcast Starter Kit

Dad blogs are all the rage these days! I mean…You’re reading one right now. As of late, it seems as though blogging has become a gateway to pod-casting. If the dad you’re buying for has dipped his toes into the wonderful world of social media, a simple, and affordable, podcast starter kit would knock his damn socks off. Help the father in your life become a bigger player in the blogging community by giving him the tools necessary to create a top-notch, professional podcast that will undoubtedly attract listeners.

Pictured above:

Blue Microphones – Snowball USB Microphone (Textured White) with Full Size Studio Headphones and Pop Filter ($89)

Playstation 4

Most fathers out there continue to act as though they wouldn’t enjoy sitting on the sofa with beer and a copy of Madden ’18. Truth be told, that scenario sounds damn good. After a long week of work and parenting, a drink and a video game doesn’t seem awful at all. I’m sure the prospect of buying the middle-aged father/dad in your life a brand-new video game console is causing many of you to break out in hives, know that the PS4 is more than just for gaming. The slick console plays blu-ray movies, connects easily to your home’s wi-fi network, and affords you the opportunity to stream the latest music and Hollywood films. The system wouldn’t just be akin to the DeLorean sending him back in time; it would become the centerpiece of your Living Room’s entertainment setup.

Pictured Above:

Sony – Playstation 4 1TB Console ($281.99)

Fitbit Watch

The dad-bod movement is coming to a screeching halt. I’m not sure how the added weight became so endearing to so many, but I’m getting the feeling that the love for continually expanding midsections of dads is a fad that’s quickly dying. Dads are now looking at ways to lose the fat. A Fitbit watch is the perfect gift to help him reacquaint himself with the jeans he had to ditch last year. Cheaper than the new, yet incredibly similar, Fitbit Ionic, the Blaze watch allows its owner to take control of their weight loss program at an affordable cost.

Pictured Above:

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch ($195.00)

Wireless Headphones

I’m going to spit some truth right now. Most dads are hard-pressed to find time to sit down and watch a full-length movie. When we do, we love to watch the film without interruption. However, we will inevitably be told (and subsequently reminded) on multiple occasions that the kids are asleep so the volume must be lowered! Wireless headphones can help a father enjoy his film knowing that the inability to disturb the peace will at least provide a respite from that evening’s regularly scheduled display of marital strife . Most headphones can even connect to multiple devices such as Macs, tablets, televisions, and more via Bluetooth!

Pictured Above:

Sunfei Stereo Bluetooth Headphones ($28.14)

Classic Turntable

If the dad you’re buying for doesn’t appreciate a brand-new vinyl record player, does he even enjoy listening to music in its purest form? Any music fan would love a turntable for the opportunity to come home one night after work, put on a record, and immerse themselves in the unparalleled sounds of a vinyl. Given that this particular model is lightweight and portable, you can’t go wrong with this stunning Wockoder record player.

Pictured Above:

Wockoder Portable Vinyl Record Player ($89.99)

Happy Shopping!

Until next time…

The Pondering Father

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