“Your trip is short…”

Well, my friends, I did it! My solo trip to New York City was a rousing success, and I am incredibly happy that I forged along with my plans despite a near-crippling anxiety attack that nearly derailed the excursion. I’m still processing the entire weekend as it came and went faster than a Florida thunderstorm in July. All I know is that I’m glad I took the time to regroup and re-energize.

With the pace of parenthood constantly wearing us down, I realize now more than ever that we all need to have our own “time-out” every now and again. It’s not that we are overly frustrated with our children. It’s not that we need to be away from them for a long period of time. It’s just that sometimes we are mentally and physically exhausted. Without a break every once in a while, we risk becoming the cranky, disinterested parent we promised we’d never be in that moment we held our babies for the first time.

Sometimes we need to take a walk through Central Park without a child screaming for yet another hot dog from the local Sabrett vendor.  Sometimes we need to visit the top of the Empire State Building, take in a deep breath of fresh air, and marvel at the sight of the Statue of Liberty standing tall in the middle of New York Harbor as she continues to welcome everyone into our great country without having a child attempt to push you out-of-the-way, saying “Let me see! Let me see!” Sometimes we need to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art and stare deeply into the eyes of one of Picasso’s muses without having to shout, “Don’t touch that!”


And you know what? That’s ok!

At the end of the day, I know that my trip to New York City was not due to some subconscious desire to get away from my family. It was not a sign of marital strife. I was not frustrated with my children. I simply needed to a few days of being the music-loving introvert who didn’t mind exploring a new city alone. I got it. I’m so thankful to my family for giving me that opportunity as I’m back home and ready to get back on the ultimate thrill ride known as parenthood.

And as for the music? Well that’s a blog post for another day. What I can say is that what Phish just did in New York City over the last 2 weeks is nothing short of musicianship at its finest. Here’s a brief breakdown:

13 shows.

227,000 ticket sold.

34:33:38 (hours, minutes, seconds) total running time of entire run.

237 songs played.

0 songs repeated.

1 banner raised to the rafters of Madison Square Garden.

That’s it for me. Take care of yourselves and each other out there!

Until next time,


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